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Henarsoft began operations in 2012. The company has developed positively and is now to expand the business. Our mission is to always work from the customer's needs and offer the best possible individual services. We put quality and secuirty first. To achieve this we work actively with the communication between our customers. All the apps we create for our customers are included an application managment system to update the apps in a flexible fast and in a smart and efficient way. Do you have an idea for an app or for a website? Feel free to contact us for information.

Our Services


We create your Desktop and Mobile websites. We help you to turn the website into an Android and IOS apps.


Security is very important for us, that is why we love security. We help you to protect your website with our website management system. We also help you to protect your website from ddos attacks.

Android apps

The apps we create for you will be published on android play store and App Store - iTunes - Apple.

IOS apps

Do you want to make money with the Apps we create for you? That is fine with us. We even help you with that. We help you to get your IOS App to IOS development app store.


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Henarsoft - Diyar Parwana

Box 5385, 102 49 Stockholm

Telephone: +767031328

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9 -17

Email : [email protected]

Email : [email protected]

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